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Re: The ongoing history of east coast mailing groups

"And if you haven't heard the "proper" music and can name "the proper names" 
then you'd be denied entrance. I'm sure that would trim things down."

Ha!  This reminds me of the other list I'm on and the True Fan debate that 
comes up every once in a while.  What is a true fan?  How would you 
determine that--by how long one's liked the band, how many of their rarities 
and bootlegs you have, how many concerts you've attended, how often you've 
hung out with them?  More importantly--WHO CARES?  The "older" fans wanted 
to be smug, that's all, to the people who just heard about this band from 
their big hit.  A fan's a fan...and many of the people who did truly "hop 
on" the list soon hopped off.