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Re[2]: The ongoing history of east coast mailing groups

"I must say that I am sorta glad that the US hasn't particularly caught on to 
them, just because they seem to chew a band up and spit them out really fast."

I agree w/this, even if I am from the States.  The press here seems to typically
ignore most good bands, or if they like one album, they put such high standards 
and pressure on the next one to be better that there's no way the band can 
measure up.  And again, for some reason, Canadian bands are ignored.  But 
please, realize that there are plenty of Candian music fans in the US...those 
that realize the media don't know what they're talking about and neither does 
Billboard, Rolling Stone, etc.  Some of us know that you have to find good music
on your own.  I consider myself very lucky to live near the Canadian border!  
(It's much cleaner in Canada, too.  And no billboards on the highways.)