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Guided By Hercules/tara s. 7"/sappy address/where are they now?

1) 10/05/96- Birdland, Hercules blow among the first of what will no 
doubt grow into a legion of blown minds. As far as I could tell, 
Their 1/2 hour /45 minute set consisted entirely of new and or new to 
me (the last time I saw them, Opening for moonsocket at the oasis, I 
missed half their set due to a codiene and alcohol induced flu) 
material. Apparently the band have entirely abandoned Cooper's 
earlier  solo home taping efforts, ostensibly for the better. (having 
said that, "music makes me happy" stands out as a real gem in any 
home tape library.(at the very least, it stands as first rate "I'm 
indier than you" snob jive material..  :) Speaking with Jim recently, he showed a command of 
the medium in saying something to the effect that any attempt to make 
a studio quality record on a four track will always come up short, 
and that there is plenty of ground to be covered by making what is 
straightforwardly a four track record.)
  Backed by a tight rhythm section, the guitar ranged from a blues 
infected superchunk sound to raunchy atmospherics that fell somewhere 
between monster era Berry and Live Rust. 
 The only draw back I can come up with, other than a slight technical 
glitch involving what seemed to be a loose patch cord, which the band 
took in stride without missing a beat, was a slight lack of attention 
payed to the bass by the evenings soundmen. From where I was sitting, 
I could tell Rod had some interesting lines worked out.Its a  shame we 
missed the impact that they would have had at 11.(why not get sued 
for causing loss of hearing? Good enough for Crazy Horse.......) 
Brenndan showed a whiz kid sensibility on the skins with no shortage 
of creative fills on top of a tight performance throughout. All that 
and a rocked up VU cover thrown in for good measure, "I'm waiting for 
the man" had me making lame excuses to freinds about an early shift 
the next mourning on my way out, up to a brownstone, up two flights 
of stairs.............

2) I've lost the address to send to for Tara S'apparts new 7". 

3) Is sappy's moncton address still the one to send to? I'm asking 
because I'm sure I've been told that Mrs broken moved to Sackville.

4) Whatever Happened to Matt Clarke?

Take care,
 D. Aaron "I've come from the future and im dying for good CM hair 
gossip" Petrie