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Re: for the sake of clarity...I won't shed a tear

Robert Thompson <rthompso\!/julian.uwo.ca> writes:

> Your attack on Geneyus was kind of funny. Have you ever even heard My Pet
> Genius, or are you just slagging them off cause you think they sound  like
> My Bloody Valentine?

 Un petit question: How could he "think they sound like My Bloody
 Valentine" if he has never heard them? Duh.

> well thought out points to the list. At least as well considered as Catano,
> and easily as entertaining.

 Obviously, that's a matter of opinion. :)

> Actually you don't take all things into account. I truly believe that many
> people on this list aren't nearly as concerned about the strict East-coast
> rule as you and a couple of others.

 Well obviously, otherwise we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
 :) I'm sure that many people on this list like The Tragically Hip too,
 but that doesn't make it okay to lose the focus of the list. That's
 what Usenet is for.

> arguement that some make that it is terribly difficult to simply delete
> these posts if they don't feel like reading them. I certainly delete a
> certain amount of posts almost immediately while I read others quite carefull

spam ads to 1,000 newsgroups is okay, because with a threaded newsreader
I don't have to read it. Just because I can skip it doesn't make it less

> Rather than playing the dictator, why not be a little more diplomatic?

 How long have you been on the list? I have NEVER seen James act the
 dictator. Even though I don't know James personally, I imagine that
 that's a role he has no interest in taking, either.

> this is your personal playground, Mr. Covey, then lets make that clear.

 I think James probably has a lot better things to do than make a list
 full of modem geeks his "personal playground". :)

> Oh, I think one of the other problems on this list is that some posts aren't
> very helpful. For example Rome Plows would mean more to me if someone would
> make a useful post about what the band is about and what they sound like.

 So instead of sitting here thinking "Gee, I wish someone would post
 what Rome Plows sounds like," why don't you make a post that says "Can
 someone tell me what Rome Plows sounds like?"

> covered this ground before, but Cool Blue Halo released one of the best East
> coast discs in a while (certainly rivals OCTA) and they're hardly mentioned.

So start up a thread talking about them!

> And Mr. Covey, my tears are still flowing.

So are mine, but that's just because I had to go all day without my
glasses. Being an accountant is really hard when everything is blurry.