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for the sake of clarity...

James Covey <jrcovey\!/cochran.com> writes:

> the east coast!  i've always intended it to be accessible to east-coast
> music fans no matter where they sign on from.  i've re-iterated this
> in public and on this list many times.  including yesterday.  it's
> not something i'm going to change my mind about.  so all you ontario
> people can stop apologizing and just post!  :-)

I can vouch for this. I first joined Sloan Net (in the Summer of 1993)
after seeing a post of James' in alt.music.alternative, if I remember
correctly. No one has ever bugged me, and I'm as far away from Halifax
as you can get in Canada. :)

About the "local interest only" posts that Ontario people have been
complaining about: Even though I haven't been to Halifax since 1989, I
think those posts are great! Chances are I'll never go to Cafe Ole or
Birdland (and I'll definately never go to the Double Deuce :) ), but
those posts really give a feel for the scene.

About Geneyus' post stating that James' "little list isn't that great of
a resource," I'm going to have to disagree with that. Were it not for
Sloan Net I think it's a good bet that the only EC albums I would have
in my collection are Sloan and Eric's Trip ones. SN has been an
*invaluable* resource for info on EC bands and records for those of us
on the left coast.

About Mike Catano: I've always been a great fan of his posts, even when
I don't agree with them. You just make yourself look like an idiot by
calling him a "nazi" or other such sillyness.

About Lee Maslin/Squirtgun: I hope he does keep posting about the goings
on there. Maybe he did go a bit overboard on the "More of Our Stupid
Noise" updates (he probably could have waited until the thing was going
to be available soon).

About non-EC posts: Do you really think that saying "No EC content,
sorry!" or "I know this is off topic, please don't flame me!" somehow
validates your post? If you KNOW it's off topic, DON'T POST IT! Post to
alt.music.canada or something.

As always, if you're going to mail me personally, make sure it goes to
"bduncan\!/infoload.islandnet.com" and not to the address on the From:
line. This address is just a kludge to let me post to Sloan Net.