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the East Coast Name Game -- fun for all!! :)

hello all! :)

last night carol (sizzleteen) and i were talking and we came up with a quiz
for all you kiddies out there in sloan net land -- some of these questions
are trickies but for the most part it's just good fun. so we invite everyone
to challenge themselves by answering the questions to the best of your
ability -- then send your answers to carol <nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca> who will
compile all of them and the lucky person who gets the most correct answers
will win copies of our zines (carol's "in the meantime" stuff with sloan,
chickpea etc. my "whiz kid fanzine" stuff with jale, the super friendz etc.)
and remember, spelling counts! :)

The East Coast Name Game

1. What is Jay Ferguson's full name?
2. Name all three (past and present) drummers for the Super Friendz.
3. What is Al Tuck's real name?
4. What is the name of Thrush Hermit's tour bus?
5. Name the producer of the Monoxides up-coming album.
6. Name Plumtree's current bassist.
7. Name the song and artist that Ashley MacIsaac and jale covered for his
first full       
    length album for a major label.
8. Where did the name Eric's Trip come from?
9. Give the name of the fifth Local Rabbit.
10. Name the label Hip Club Groove are now on.
11. Name what Stinkin' Rich is? (hint -- the answer is not "a rappper" or "a
12. Name the studio that Hardship Post's first murder release was recorded
13. Name the group that Zumpano covers on their murder 7".
14. Name the month and year that the State Champs' "Nevada Downs" 7" was
15. Name the two groups spwaned by Bubaiskull.
16. Name the Super Friend that used to be in Leonard Conan.
17. Name the original members of Orange Glass.
18. Name the song that Strawberry contributed to the Plumtree/Strawberry
split 7".
19. Name the label that Tara S'Appart's new 7" is released on.
20. Name the label that the first jale 7" was released on.
            bonus---> give the name of the first jale 7"

there you go! don't be shy and send in your answers even if you don't know
everything. remember, there are many trick questions! but ultimately, just
have fun testing your east coast knowledge :)

send your answers to carol "sizzleteen" nishitoba at <nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca>, the
contest ends next week and we'll post the answers then.

have fun and stay safe :)


-=- D'Arcy -=-