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Re: Sloan Surprises in Saskatoon

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, ROGER NELSON wrote:

> Please Please Please Please Please Please someone tell me they taped
> or know someone who taped the Sloan/ House Cover Band Show at Louis'
> Pub on the U of S campus the other night!!!

I did record the show, but sadly I fumbled the only copy into a pitcher of
beer this ante meridian, and it will no longer play.  However, I am
willing to make available a tape of Chris Murphy, Dave Ulrich, the bar
maid (is that term even vaguely acceptable outside of strip mall beverage
rooms?) and me singing the songs of Patu Banton. I am not sure about this,
but I think that I heard someone say that distribution will be handled by
some Toronto band called My Pet - oh, never mind...

Also, the Inbreds did play on Monday in Saskatoon, but stuck to a more
conventional playlist.  The difference of course was the addition of
what's his name- Matt Kelly?- on guitar sometimes and a second bass at
other times. IMHO opinion the guitar tended to 'muddy up' their usually
very pleasing sound. Made them sound a little too average if you will.
The duelling bass scenario however, was really awesome.  Sort of a
mellowed out Cop Shoot Cop...

Tom 'Uh, of course I'm serious' Hayden

PS:  James Covey intollerant? Self serving? Autocratic?  Yah-hah-hah.
Yer a bunch of spoiled and ignorant hermit thrushes is what you are! And
I would like to say, that as a guy who is undoubtedly one of the worlds
largest consumers of Canadian indie rock info/trivia, that Sloannet has
been *extremely* useful to me, and yes, that includes the posts of our man
Catano.  He may be crotchety and opinionated, but he tends to be able to
back up most of his statements whith either fact or entertainment value,
both of which I dig.  Lord, I do wish that I could say the same for one or
two of the other opinionated jackasses on the list...

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