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> (By the way, if anyone who was at the Tower Records thing remember what
> or Morrissey song they played to warm up, could you PLEASE tell me what it
> and if it's for sale anywhere??

Well, I wasn't at Tower records, but during the HOM at the Birdland Chris
Murphy 'sang' "What Difference Does it Make?" It was more of an attempt at a
Morrissey imitation than Sloan doing the Smiths. He even expressed his own
dismay by requesting that it  not get broadcasted...on RealTime, I suppose,
unless CKDU was recording it too. I don't imagine you will find this on any
official releases...you would have to come across a boot.  I would recommend
getting all of the original Smith's myself...ya know, if you are not in the
mood to track 'em all down, pick up _Singles_ to give you that much needed
overview.  Actually, come to think of it...I recall when Sloan hit the stage
for their encore, Chris began to sing the song that goes something like
"Tortured bicycle..." but it quickly fell apart and they went into WDDIM. 
It might have been "Shakespeare's Sister" but I don't know for sure.  The
only other line I recall from that Smith's tune is "I would go out
tonight/but I haven't got a stitch to wear" The name will come to me
eventually, so don't even trip.

I saw someone's post on the comp Bassments of Badmen...I haven't gotten an
opportunity to pick it up, but I would consider it if I saw it on this side
of the causeway.  I really wanted to find out what some people think of the
2nd hipclubgroove release...if this was already discussed in the list, than
just e-mail me privately. I am just not sure if I think I like it as much as
_Trailer Park Hip-Hop_.  When i heard "Vampire Killers" on the radio this
summer, I really expected to hear an innovative new album.   Maybe someone
can set me straight on this issue...without sayin' "it's all good",

> All except Chris Murphy (son of CBC wag Rex Murphy)
Is this fact or fiction? Either way, I found it highly amusing ;-)=

I will have to second the notion that there be a digest version of the list.
..that is, if it is technically possible on the bluenose server.  The other
lists I subscribe to use this and nothing really gets cut out of the
messages...it ain't a Readers Digest version...they all get neatly placed
into one or two e-mail messages with a funky table of contents.  The only
problem lies with your e-mail ego...some people get a proportional amount of
jollies with respect to their e-mail count. I, on the other hand (which has
different fingers), believe in quality before quantity.
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