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Re: for the sake of clarity...I won't shed a tear

James and the rest of the boyz and gurls.

Well James I gues you've earned the right to more latitude then the rest of
us, as you did start this list but there are a couple of points that are
still worth making.

1) You, Mr. Covey tend to make things as personal as anyone on the list. If
you really want this list to be constructive, then lose the personal stuff.
Your attack on Geneyus was kind of funny. Have you ever even heard My Pet
Genius, or are you just slagging them off cause you think they sound  like
My Bloody Valentine? There's more going on with MPG then that, though
through past experience it seems that you like to slag off bands that are
outside of the Halifax area. The fact remains that Geneyus brings (brought)
well thought out points to the list. At least as well considered as Catano,
and easily as entertaining. God just the other night I met Cori Ferguson
from MCA and she was telling me how funny she thought Geneyus posts were.
Perhaps if he was from Halifax you wouldn't be so quick to make it personal. 
>2)  BUT - please be open to other
>points of view!  catano is not being a "fascist" for stating his
>views on appropriate content.  a crank, maybe.  :-)  various people
>have stated diverging points of view on how things should go here.
>i find this very helpful and i take all those opinions into account
>when i try to sythesize them into the sloannetiquette guide and
>other postings.

Actually you don't take all things into account. I truly believe that many
people on this list aren't nearly as concerned about the strict East-coast
rule as you and a couple of others. I think that most people are pretty
considerate really and mark non-ec posts as such. I also don't buy the
arguement that some make that it is terribly difficult to simply delete
these posts if they don't feel like reading them. I certainly delete a
certain amount of posts almost immediately while I read others quite carefully.

Lastly though, I do think that a moderator is sort of necessary. Certainly
certain debates should be curtailed before they spring out of hand, but I
think the way that its gone about on this list is sometimes a touch suspect.
Rather than playing the dictator, why not be a little more diplomatic? If
this is your personal playground, Mr. Covey, then lets make that clear. If
not, then your opinion is perhaps more weighty then most, but just one of many.

Oh, I think one of the other problems on this list is that some posts aren't
very helpful. For example Rome Plows would mean more to me if someone would
make a useful post about what the band is about and what they sound like. I
don't know how many of the folks on Sloannet have any writing experience,
but there does seem to be a lot of zines out there. Certainly some are very
good, but this list has many of the problems those zines have. No real
content, and often very insubstantial. 

I don't expect Nick Kent or Ira Robbins, rather just some insight into the
bands and events on the East coast. Then maybe I would be more interested in
hearing about the quality of certain shows by these groups. I know I've
covered this ground before, but Cool Blue Halo released one of the best East
coast discs in a while (certainly rivals OCTA) and they're hardly mentioned.
Don't they play east coast shows anymore? How about Trike? Why did Jale
cancel they're tour of Canada? None of this has ever come out.

Well sorry this was so long, I hadn't time to make it shorter.

And Mr. Covey, my tears are still flowing.