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not for the meek

-- [ From: Boost Ventilator * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

This is a little note on a musical festival that will taking place at the
University College of Cape Breton this weekend...I know that it is not near
the centre of the SLOAN NET universe, but the Internet is very anarchistic
and should not succumb to petty grievances based on geography and that.

Be prepared for CAPR's very own GOBBLEFEST!
This will be the third year for this event...take part in the beginning of a
tradition! The line-up (like most things) is constantly evolving, so please
don't shoot the messenger:

- Emily				- Cleveland Steamer
- Southpaw			-  Mastadon Ridge
- Thursday			- Haggis
- Dark Waters			- St Alistairs Temptation
- Lamer				- Can of Worms
- Endgame				- and more!
- '77 Impala Special

It will all transpire in the Multi Purpose Room \!/ UCCB from 1pm to 12am
$8 a person or $7 if ya donate to the food bank.
The first 50 people in get a free CD. Doors open at 12pm...take a bus. It
isn't my fault they built the university half way between Sydney and Glace

Send your comments, questions, and screams of agony to: CAPR\!/CAPER1.UCCB.NS.
The Cape Breton Music Centre Online
Coordinator: Iain MacLeod
E-mail: centre\!/chatsubo.com