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Sloan Rocks Fed. Hall in Waterloo, ON

Proud Canadians everywhere came out to see Sloan perform yet another great
show in Waterloo, ON last week at Federation Hall on the campus of U of W.
A band that has been described as "a band whose live show is not so good" by
its own members proved itself very wrong on a warm Saturday night last week.
        I was lucky enough to not only meet the band that night but to hold
meaningful conversation ("so, you been to Fed. Hall before? -Jay) with Jay
Fergeson.  My first impression (and those of you who have met him before
will agree) was that he was awfully short (guess, in Braveheart style, I
expected him to be nine feet tall with "lightning bolts shooting out of his
ass").  He was as friendly as I hoped he would be and pushed us (myself and
my girlfriend) through the crowd so we could get autographs and photos with
the band.  (I'll post pics if they turn out)  
        Apparrently, Jay's girlfriend (sorry ladies) of a couple years,
Linda Bush, grew up just down the street from me.  She signed myself and a
friend onto the guest list and just about made me the luckiest
in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time-er in the world.
        Sloan opened with "Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay" and
continued to pump out their own brand of rawk and roll as they played
through everything off of their new album "One Chord to Another" save "Take
the Bench", and "Junior Panthers".  They drew from all their old material,
playing several tracks "Snowsuit Sound", "Coax Me", "People of the Sky",
"Pen Pals", "I Hate My Generation" from "Twice Removed" and "Marcus Said"
from their first EP "Peppermint".  
        Aside from Chris's rantings about crowd surfing (justified, but mood
spoiling.  No less mood spoiling than having a boot shoved in your temple, I
suppose) the vibe at the show was fantastic.  Sloan survives and thrives on
stage and puts on a great show, lighting and all.  
        Finally, if anyone else was there, I wouldn't mind knowing what
tunes they played as an encore.  I think "Torn" was one of them off of
"Peppermint" and I know they played a variation on "Worried Now", but if
someone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.
        Not being a Haligonian, and this being my first posting (and first
day) on Sloannet, I'm not sure what to think.  There appears to be a lot of
bickering about the goals of EC music and its relevance on Sloannet.  I just
like Sloan.  I like other bands too, but Sloannet gives me a chance to ask
questions about EC music.  That seems pretty simple.  Let's just remember
the words of Sloan's "big hit" "Coax Me"

"It's not the band I hate, it's thier FANS"

shake it more than three times and you're playing with it.  Ryan Merkley