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for the sake of clarity...

i'm sorry, i realize that i've been posting again and again
on this thread but my name keeps being invoked in ways that
i'm not completely comfortable with.  so can we at least
remember a few things?

1) no one has ever, for any reason, been removed from sloan net.
i'm not saying that it could never happen, but it would only be
for technical mischief like mailbombing or *extremely* personal
abusive attacks.  i would never use those sort of threats to
control *discussion* on sloan net.  neither would i threaten
to shut down the list.  if i ever give up on this list, i will
simply pass it on to someone who wants it.  so let's think twice
before we start using words like "fascist" or imagining worst-case
scenarios.  because there's just no substance to that line of

2) secondly, i'm very appreciative of all the fan mail i've been
getting for doing my best lately to raise the standards of this
list.  and i'm glad that people do pay attention to my views on
how things should go.  it's very gratifying to know that people
appreciate the hundreds of hours of work i've put into maintaining
this list, and i love you all back.  BUT - please be open to other
points of view!  catano is not being a "fascist" for stating his
views on appropriate content.  a crank, maybe.  :-)  various people
have stated diverging points of view on how things should go here.
i find this very helpful and i take all those opinions into account
when i try to sythesize them into the sloannetiquette guide and
other postings.

3) finally, i don't know why some people still seem to think that i
never envisioned sloan net as something that would take root outside
the east coast!  i've always intended it to be accessible to east-coast
music fans no matter where they sign on from.  i've re-iterated this
in public and on this list many times.  including yesterday.  it's
not something i'm going to change my mind about.  so all you ontario
people can stop apologizing and just post!  :-)

in general i'm just very surprised at the many opinions that have
been falsely attributed to me over the past few days.  and i hope
i'm not being too self-indulgent by responding with this post.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James R. Covey <jrcovey\!/cochran.com> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is
that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because
smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion
to your fear of being hurt." -- Thomas Merton.