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LONG - hip hop, bands on hold, list etc

well well. the damn account is still here. :)  i thought i'd ask a
question, or two or three, and sneak in a comment or four. please don't
write back to the list on this stuff UNLESS it's info that everyone  (or
lots of folks ) might find voluable ie/ the on hold band news. just write
to little old me, otherwise.

re: the "In the bassments of badmen" hip hop compilation. i am soliciting
opinions on this release. if you've heard it, had anything to do with it,
etc. please write to me as soon as you've got the time. on that note, if
you have any gossip, news, etc. on hip hop in halifax, please write to me
as well. i am trying to gather as much information as possible for a piece
i'm working on for an on-line magazine. thank you, or as the kids
say..."word". :)

re: on hold temporarily - what's happening with piggy while paul is in
africa? what is happening with the motes? and is gordon isnor ever coming
back? for those not in the know, gordon is responsible for "left hip", a
nifty zine for the refined swimma, and a super compilation many of you
probably own. he's also a preppy relative and i am still mad i missed his
last show (i know, i should have brought gram and grampa into bob and
lori's...)  :)  piggy is the calypso orchestra of the maritimes (read
about them in the delightful impact, under regional reports), and the
motes are just fucked up.

re:  les amis. tape is done. waiting on zine. for more 411, please inquire
at bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca (tara da costa is working on the zine) or me
privately (tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca /twittche\!/is2.dal.ca) , not
on the list. thank you for patience and remember how long it took us to
get the bands to send in music (some were quick and some were...not quick
:)  ) and bios. :)

re:  list politics. i love the "i'm not from the east coast so i guess i
can't post" mentality. i'm sorry if this part seems mean, but be
reasonable and grow up. i'm not from the east coast and when i lived in
alberta, it was the discussions about cafe ole and art events in this
region (meaning more than just halifax, ya bunch of big girl's blouses!!
oh wait, now i'm being silly... :) ) that helped me feel like i *really*
knew why people in groups like sloan and eric's trip were the way they
were...i got a feeling for their hometown. those types of posts are far
and few between and i suspect it is the large amount of noise that is
discouraging people from even wanting to keep the list going. please, i
think the point of all this is simply:

*think about what you're going to post, take your time writing back, keep
the flame wars private when possible. 

prairie kid in temporary exile,
tara (one of many tara's...exciting, isn't it?)

big long freakin' PS/
and for crying out loud, we should be a mature enough bunch that we don't
have to resort to calling people "nazis". one, it shows you have no
respect for history (it's not a term to be thrown around lightly). two,
it's immature to call people names and two wrongs don't make a right.
three, when someone asks you to stick to the topic at hand, don't be such
a freakin' baby just because you happen to think this list needs to
allow everyone to stray from the topic at hand. if you find yourself
getting defensive and paranoid over your posts, maybe (and only maybe) you
have reason to be. maybe you recognize your posts may not be suitable to
the list but you feel the need to post anyway. please, try to find
appropriate outlets for your information, but don't abuse sloan net and
then get upset when people ask you to stick to the boundaries.

**lee maslin is a good guy.
**impact is a good read (check out that al tuck story a few issues back)
**mike catano is an intelligent, kind person in real life. honest. he also
is a GREAT resource to this list. he knows a lot about the scene, he's
been in it for years (and not just the indie rock thing, so don't pull any
"so, he's mr. indie rock, who cares" crap). send him questions about your
favorite band, he's got neat stories to tell and sometimes, neat stuff to
*give* away. honest!! 

**i think i'm really going this time

HEY!! Write me at:


after September 30, 1996