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Re: don't cry for me, robert thompson.

>or how about my-bloody-genius-net.   or my-pet-valentine-net?

Gee, you're smart...how did you spot the influences?  Music and text often
say the same things.  We sound exactly like My Bloody Valentine...

>geez, "geneyus", you've been on this list long enough to know that telling
>catano to relax is like, uh, telling catano to ease up...

The quotations around the name are a nice touch.  Let me guess...you're
questionning my right to call myself that...hmmm...doesn't take a genius to
figure that out...

>well, as long as the "east coast sound" remains a cultural commodity in
>Canada, i doubt that they *will* turn a blind eye.  but that's neither
>here nor there because i don't see the folks at _impact_ as being
>self-serving, and that's why i've never implied that they are.

You did, however, imply a triviality that just doesn't exist.  Believe me
your little list is not as great a source for info as you would probably like.

>which is, quite frankly, more than i can say for *you*, "geneyus".

Mr. Covey, when you are in a band self-serving is all you can be.
Promotion.  Promotion.  Promotion.  You have to get the name out somehow.
Certain people on this list will know the name.  Whether or not they choose
to listen to the music before attacking it is another question.  I'm not in
the business of kissing someone's ass to get them to buy it.  I just put a
bug in their ear and if it eats away at their brain so be it...

>as far as we can tell, "geneyus", "Canadian music on the whole" begins and
>ends with your constantly, repetiously, obnoxiously self-plugged band.
>so don't think you can try taking the moral high road and be convincing!

That's right Covey I have no interest in Canadian music outside of my own
band.  I've never extolled the virtues of Elevator to Hell, Eric's Trip,
Transister, Grasshopper, Sloan, Tinker, gladrub, Kittens, Shallow ND...the
list goes on...

I have a tremendous amount of respect for those canadian bands who are out
there trying something different.  So interpret my words as you like, it
doesn't change how I feel about the music that is "made in Canada".

>phew.  you know, i think i really got something out of my system there.

...and dumped yer load on everyone else.

yer trash compacter...Geneyus.