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that trumpeter guy

Hi yous kids out there!

As you now know, one of the trumpeters is Dallas Good of the Sadies. I
realize that Andrew is involved with the whole Sadies thing as well, and
wondered if someone could shed some light on his involvement, as well as
his living in Toronto. In addition to Dallas' Sadies thing, he belongs to
phono-comb which is comprised of Reid and Don of the now defunct Shadowy
Men on a Shadowy Planet and (I think, can't remember, fifth
something)Fifth ______'s Beverly. Reid has shifted to guitar now
(ooooooo). They have a brand-spanking new record on the shelves so maybe
check it out if you so desire. It's on 1/4 stick. (Halifax content exists,
thought someone would find relevancy.) Ciao for now.