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more from me

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Keith Preston wrote:

> At 11:00 PM 10/7/96 -0400, Robert Thompson wrote:>
> Maybe if it was possible to switch the list over to a digest format where
> James could edit out the occassional completely inane post, there would be
> less traffic and more meaningful discussion.  I'm on a number of listserv
> lists and one digest list, and I'd have to say that the digest is by far the
> most civilized of any list I've ever seen.  No bickering or flame wars...the
> conversation gets off topic, but that's the point of the particular list.
> It's just as easy to edit out off-topic posts from a digest (as James's time
> permits).  Those members who get their posts edited out frequently probably
> won't waste much time sticking around, or will just go back to lurking.
> Just a friendly suggestion that probably won't come true...

Although I wsh we could put this to rest peacefully and RATIONALLY it 
seems to have touched a nerve and may stay around awhile.  
First we might ask a question: What is the nature of sloannet?  Is it a 
socialist group, or a monarchy, or what?  If it were democratic, why should 
Covey be able to choose which  posts get through and which don't.

Covey writes:

"you know, "geneyus", there's a world of difference between saying
"if it's not east coast, it sucks" and "if it's not east coast, it's not
relevant to an east coast discussion list".  and, uh, perhaps you haven't
noticed this, but the people from ontario who write *relevant* posts are
among some of the most popular and prolific subscribers on this list!"

Agreed, but a lot of the discussion here has been about posts that ARE 
east coast (ie sloans hair, show reviews) and stil criticized.
There are very few posts that are going to be interesting to everyone, 
and hte larger the list becomes, the harder that will be to achieve.  nd 
I think at this point it is pointless to try to achieve.  Each person 
subscribes to this list for different reasons.  I ask that the people on 
this list try to be less fascist. You are not the only person on this 
list, ad what you think as worthwhile just might not be wht the other 
hundred or two hundred subscribers think.  It's ridiculous!  There are 
people here who like fan testimonials, who like halifax show reviews, who 
like to hear from labels who support EC music (without whom this list 
wouldn't exist, because the bands would't be able to get their music 
out!), but no one who likes everything that is posted!  Just try to be 
understandnig that you are not going to like everything, delete the 
things that don't interest you and move on, this list does no revolve 
aroudn you, I don't care who you are from James Covey to Chris Murphy.  
We all agree about general mailing list ettiquette and that posts should 
be EC related, but that is very broad and certainly includes most everythign 
that peopel have been criticising here. 
Sure, we could split off into 3 or 4 newsgroups (show review-l, halifax 
only-l, sloan-fan testimonia-l) but then there would still be a need for 
a general east coast related newsgroup to fill in all the gaps, and 
really, all the othre groups could easily fit into this all purpose one, 
which is what I think we have now (I remember there used to be an eric's 
trip-l but no one ever posted to it because all such discussion went on 
here).  I don't remember how this got started, but it was probably of 
people being intollerant of other people's posts (even though they were 
EC related).  Well we are not alone here, this is a community, and used to 
be a pretty open minded one, I hope we can keep it that way.  

Big brother Covey is watching you.


P.S. I have nothing personally against James Covey or Mike Catano (or 
anyone else on this list).  I was fortunate enough to meet both of them 
while I was in halifax (an awesome city, I'd love to go back), and they 
are both super nice guys.  I just happen to disagree with some of their 
opinions, but I don't mean to flame in any way (although that last line 
does seem a litle antagonizing come to think of it...well james, I know 
you mean well and I hope to be at another sloannet party sometime soon!)

> > Keith...goin' to see sloan in 5 days :)