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don't cry for me, robert thompson.

sorry for the pointless subject line -- just feeling a little
mild bemusement at the thought of me feeling "hurt" that there
are newbies on sloan net...

stay tuned for net news at the bottom of this post, but first,
my inevitably grouchy response to my pet iddeyut...

>I've tried twice to get off this list, but for some reason when I try to
>send a message to sloannet-request\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com it comes back with
>an unrecoverable error.  I'm trapped...

yet another reason to read/save FAQs...
once again, your postmaster's name is graham judge and can be reached at

>Anyways, I've been monitoring the stupidity that is Sloannet in the interim.
>People are so concerned with etiquette that it seems to be the only thing
>discussed now.  Perhaps a name change...EtiquetteNet.  Or maybe HairNet in
>celebration of Catano's topic of choice...

or how about my-bloody-genius-net.   or my-pet-valentine-net?

>In response to Catano's nazi propaganda, perhaps some conselling would help
>that psychoses of yours.  Trying to strike fear into people's hearts puts
>you one step behind Hitler and Mussolini.  Who's running this list?  As far
>as I know it isn't you, so relax...

geez, "geneyus", you've been on this list long enough to know that telling
catano to relax is like, uh, telling catano to ease up...

>Impact has been more supportive to the East Coast scene than any other mag
>I've read.  They've covered just about every thing in the East Coast arsenal
>and Covey has the balls to slag 'em?  I've never read trivial crap about
>hairstyles in its pages.  It certainly is not the Canadian equivalent to
>Sassy.  And if you East Coasters want to remain so rigidly "indie" perhaps
>Impact should turn a blind eye.

well, as long as the "east coast sound" remains a cultural commodity in
Canada, i doubt that they *will* turn a blind eye.  but that's neither
here nor there because i don't see the folks at _impact_ as being
self-serving, and that's why i've never implied that they are.
which is, quite frankly, more than i can say for *you*, "geneyus".

>SloanNet has showed me that there is alot of intolerance in the Maritimes.
>An "If its not East Coast, it sucks" mentality.

you know, "geneyus", there's a world of difference between saying
"if it's not east coast, it sucks" and "if it's not east coast, it's not
relevant to an east coast discussion list".  and, uh, perhaps you haven't
noticed this, but the people from ontario who write *relevant* posts are
among some of the most popular and prolific subscribers on this list!

>That's too bad because it
>defeats Canadian music on the whole.  I think there are an awful lot of
>great East coast bands but I'm not willing to be party to this list anymore
>because of the overall tone of a few of the participants.

as far as we can tell, "geneyus", "Canadian music on the whole" begins and
ends with your constantly, repetiously, obnoxiously self-plugged band.
so don't think you can try taking the moral high road and be convincing!

phew.  you know, i think i really got something out of my system there.

personally, i'm *glad* for the etiquette discussion.  it's been rather
flame-ridden at times (as is this post, obviously), but i think it's
*healthy* for any community, virtual or otherwise, to take stock once
in a while.  i don't expect or want this to go on forever, and if past
experience is any kind of reliable guide, it won't.

on a more mundane note, it looks like the halifax-events-announcements
list should be up and running within the next week, if we can get it
working.  stay tuned.  hopefully that will drain away some of the
strictly-local-interest traffic from sloan net.  that oughtta please
some of you ontarians.  :-)

james, still cranky after all these years

------------James Covey <jrcovey\!/cochran.com>---------------
"Once we have surrendered our senses and nervous systems to
the private manipulation of those who would try to benefit
from taking a lease on our eyes and ears and nerves, we
don't really have any rights left.  Leasing our eyes and
ears to commercial interests is like handing over the common
speech to a private corporation, or like giving the earth's
atmosphere to a company as a monopoly."  - Marshall McLuhan