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A Toronto view

Just a few words on the "what sloannet should be" thread...

I've been on here for about a year...mostly lurking...finding most topics 

Over the last year, I've noticed that the list has slowly grown from being 
exclusively Halifax/EC oriented, to having a slightly more cross-Canada feel 
(or at least extended west to London, Ont.).  Maybe this was not what James 
Covey had in mind when he started this list, but, lo and behold, it happened.

Considering that there is a pretty small community (maybe about 20,000 or so 
people) in Canada that really cares about indie music (that's what this is 
about, isn't it?), I thought that the once in a while mention of a band NOT 
from Halifax/EC was at least tolerable.  Communication, you know?  

But, there are those who would like it go back to being Halifax-centric.  
I'll go back to lurking, maybe once in a while mention a show that my band 
is playing (from Toronto! oh my gawd!), and if it goes back to being too 
Halifax obscure or too Sloan-obsessive (the "Jay's soooo cute" posts), I'll 
just sadly unsubscribe.
And look for another way to communicate with other indie-philes in Canada.