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"Yes Catano, I'm Torontocentric" (Covey, get me off this crazy thing...)

I've tried twice to get off this list, but for some reason when I try to
send a message to sloannet-request\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com it comes back with
an unrecoverable error.  I'm trapped...

Anyways, I've been monitoring the stupidity that is Sloannet in the interim.
People are so concerned with etiquette that it seems to be the only thing
discussed now.  Perhaps a name change...EtiquetteNet.  Or maybe HairNet in
celebration of Catano's topic of choice...


In response to Catano's nazi propaganda, perhaps some conselling would help
that psychoses of yours.  Trying to strike fear into people's hearts puts
you one step behind Hitler and Mussolini.  Who's running this list?  As far
as I know it isn't you, so relax...


I kind of get the idea that Squirtgun has a great deal to do with East Coast
music and spreading the word outside of the Atlantic area.  You people
should be happy and accept Lee's input even if some of his releases includes
music from other parts of Canada.  He's doing your "scene" a favour by
educating others.  Show a little bit of respect.


Impact has been more supportive to the East Coast scene than any other mag
I've read.  They've covered just about every thing in the East Coast arsenal
and Covey has the balls to slag 'em?  I've never read trivial crap about
hairstyles in its pages.  It certainly is not the Canadian equivalent to
Sassy.  And if you East Coasters want to remain so rigidly "indie" perhaps
Impact should turn a blind eye.


SloanNet has showed me that there is alot of intolerance in the Maritimes.
An "If its not East Coast, it sucks" mentality.  That's too bad because it
defeats Canadian music on the whole.  I think there are an awful lot of
great East coast bands but I'm not willing to be party to this list anymore
because of the overall tone of a few of the participants.

Oh, and for some truly worthless Upper Canadian shit, pick up Eye magazine
this week and read about Toronto's My Pet Genius...


order the CD for $7 Canadian dollars (like I haven't told you a million
times before...)

Squeek Records
p.o. box 544
Station "P"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 2T1