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Re: Sloan Surprises in Saskatoon

Please Please Please Please Please Please someone tell me they taped  
or know someone who taped the Sloan/ House Cover Band Show at Louis' 
Pub on the U of S campus the other night!!!
  I NEED to hear that show or atleast the Beatles part. I'd love to 
have a copy of my second favorite band covering my favorite (and 
first) album by my favorite band!
Please respond soon!!
>Sloan and The Inbreds played Louis' Pub (that's Louis Riel, not Del
>Grande) on the U of S campus tonight, and I was there.  I flew in from
>LA to interview Sloan for the Christmas issue of the LA based rock
>lifestyle mag 'Hair' (email me privately for subscription
>information), and I was certainly not disappointed, though I was
>surprised. The Inbreds were awesome, and maybe I'll post about them
>later, but for now I just can't hold back on Sloan.