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caught up in triviality???

Uh oh, two posts in one day, heaven forbid!  One was a re-send from a
previous day, due to an error message, so is that allowed?  Anyway,
what's with all of the hostility lately?  Like this...

>the only solution for the quality problems on this list is,
>for at least a short period of time, to have a very moderated discussion,
>and to actually unsubscribe people who step out of line.  someone said
>they felt scared to post, well you should.  you should be very afraid to
>waste my time and everyone elses

Apparently we have a Net-Nazi on the list.  "Hey, no soup for you because
you live outside of Halifax!"  Ridiculous.  Probably the main attraction
of the internet is its ability to globalize any interest, to make the
world smaller.  Another attraction is the relative lack of rules, compared
to other mediums.  But for some reason a lot of people on this list want
to make up their own rules for how it should be run.  If you want to make
up your own rules, start your own list.  Some people are so power-hungry.

Does anyone really want to be on a list that is so fascist that people
would actually be unsubscribed for their post content?

As for the comment that only one person should be allowed to post about a
certain show, I disagree.  I like reading other people's experiences of a
show that I attended.  I might have missed something or interpreted
something differently.

Cheers/Slainte, (I've read Trainspotting, too -- great book!)


p.s.  I'll put this as a p.s. since it might not live up to quality
standards to go before my name.  I think it's kind of funny how many
Sloan fans think it's "kewl" to intentionally (I assume it's intentional)
spell incorrectly and write in all lower case.  I have to wonder if
Chris M. were to read these posts, would he be rolling his eyes, being
the English major that he was and considering that he writes songs
about correcting people's grammar.