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re: chart cover, paranoia, weird e-mail systems...

> Sloan was on the cover of the July/August Chart which you can pick up in
> slow stores or by writing to Chart and ordering a copy. Pictures inside
> are kinda blurred, but the article is rather amusing, with Chris showing
> his deep paranoia. Delightful cover.
> karen

Could someone please tell me how to order this?  I live in the states so I
doubt I'd be able to find any issue of this magazine just to get an address.
Has this article been transcribed on the internet?  (I can't check because
I have no internet access, just e-mail.)

I thought it was funny how in one article Chris said that he thought "The
Good in Everyone" was a sarcastic song about him.  (I don't think this
article was from Chart, though.)

Also, a mail peculiarity... I know this happens to at least one other
person besides myself, so it probably happens to others, too.  I can't
actually see people's internet IDs unless they actually write them within
their post.  So if you're asking for replies, you might want to include
your ID.