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here's 5 *aussie* cents

>I believe there's someone from Australia on this list--how would he/she get >
>info, if not for a mailing list or fan club sort of deal?

thanks gina for remembering me! and i am female! yay!

small aussie here, slightly disgruntled at her canadian pals.

ok. surely i know there are loads of sloanners who delete my mail b/4 even
reading it because i'm not a haligoonian (or whatever) and therefore would
nothing intelligent to say bout haligoonian music 'cause of my location
(insert australian derrogatory reference here)

the reason i subscribed to this list was 'cause i like sloan. it was really
cool to know that i have stuff in common with people on the other side of
the world. 'speshially with people who have access to these bands and their
music on a regular basis (well more regularly than i do). OCTA hasn't even
been released here. it's only available on import at a sharp $40aus
converted roughly to $35us. loads of cash even for a band i love lots.
(trivia: cds full price here are $30aus / $26us). therefore i justify my
presence here to make buddies and exchange tapes, to read reviews of shows
of bands i'll never see but i do like, (broken girl, sloan, eric's trip's
last show, sebadoh.. i wonder if dropping
these names makes me an indie snob or qualifies me to remain on this
exclusive halifax list???? ...)

basically i've always felt a little distanced from the posts about stuff
like where to get tickets, who can drive someone to a show, how to do
on-line chats with chris 'love that hair' murphy, how matt's mum and chris'
half brothers' uncle once got their hair cut by some guy who shared a spa
with the groomer of Micheal Jackson's monkey.. etc

before i subscribed to this list:

i didn't know what muchmusic was
i didn't know what _impact_ was
i didn't know what bands were on squirtgun records
i didn't know what the guys from sloan looked like (and didn't care)
i'd never heard of bands like local rabbits, thrush hermit, moist,
superfriendz, scratching post, tara.s, my pet genius (he was cool), or
others i've forgotten.

it took me a while to figure out there are two tara's here, and there are a
few other aussies on here, there are those who post crappola about what
chris wore to a show but as far as i'm concerned that isn't crappola to me,
who has never seen or heard any live stuff, i love the 'he was soooooo
cute' stuff. yeah it's pathetic if you wanna get on your high horse and
look down your indie nose at it but from my point of view i can't *see* any
of it, i like to read it from you.

the bands i've never heard of listed above (and there are plenty more) i
still don't know anything about, other than the opinions i've read here on
sloannet from you. yes you reading this now. pity i'm no longer entitled or
qualilfied to continue.....

thanks for sticking with this post for so long.

i'm signing off now,
possibly forever.

my address is in the dorky sig file for you if you want to personally reply
to my banter or to place an order for any aussie stuff you'd like to get
your hands on or just check out the daggiest sloanpage guaranteed to

thanks to james, heather, shawn, riot grrl, **shawn morris**, berry, leslie
j, cklutz,  digital (i still want my shirt!), dave bartlett (tape is still
taping...), joel my fellow aussie buddy (mail me) and all other sloanners
who put up with my posts, contributed to ye olde *aussie challenge* and
those who answered an aussie query made by myself.

hope i haven't filled your postie boxes with too much culture

i'll be on my kangaroo now and hopping of into the sunset shortly

your honorable *small aussie* signing off, possibly forever


p.s. you can flame me if you like, it's berloddy cold here.


        ncrupi\!/minyos.its.rmit.edu.au           "i do it out of habit,
                                                    not addiction"

      nothing to do?  bored?  want entertainment?  i don't recommend