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Re: The ongoing history of east coast mailing groups

At 11:00 PM 10/7/96 -0400, Robert Thompson wrote:
>You know, something with specific questions
>about all things Halifax, and about Sloan and the Superfriendz and bands
>like Rome Plows that nobody outside of Halifax has ever heard of.

Being from BC (and having travelled as far east as Sask in my entire life),
I never would have heard of the Rome Plows if sloannet did not exist.  I
still haven't heard them, but now if I see their CD in a record store I will
buy it rather than spending my money on something stupid, likesay Moist.
>Until this test is put into place, things will change as the membership on
>this list changes and grows. Truthfully I don't think there is an easy way
>to control this and I think that if some people dislike this that much then
>maybe its time to leave.

Maybe if it was possible to switch the list over to a digest format where
James could edit out the occassional completely inane post, there would be
less traffic and more meaningful discussion.  I'm on a number of listserv
lists and one digest list, and I'd have to say that the digest is by far the
most civilized of any list I've ever seen.  No bickering or flame wars...the
conversation gets off topic, but that's the point of the particular list.
It's just as easy to edit out off-topic posts from a digest (as James's time
permits).  Those members who get their posts edited out frequently probably
won't waste much time sticking around, or will just go back to lurking.
Just a friendly suggestion that probably won't come true...

Keith...goin' to see sloan in 5 days :)