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The ongoing history of east coast mailing groups

Boyz and gurls.

It seems that some of you are a touch thick and maybe haven't listened to
your Alanis tracks lately. Its called irony and sarcasm. Get with it, or
you'll sound exactly like the people that some on this list are complaining


This whole Sloannet controversey is a touch out of hand, so I thought that
its a good time to jump on the bandwagon. What's wrong with Sloannet is the
closed mindedness of most of the people on the list. That includes the
"old-timers" who feel hurt that this list isn't like it was in the good old
days (including James Covey such) as well as the new people who need to do
some maturing. The old folks remind me of the fans who are trying to hold
onto a band as they become more popular and start to play really big venues
(anyone you know?) Kind of like REM. You know the types, the ones who think
REM hasn't made a good record since the time they stopped playing small
venues. Things change with time. Enough with that analogy for now. 

But as a friend of mine called Geneyus said in a phone conversation
recently, if there had been a Smiths-mailing group in 1985, he would have
had some pretty silly things to say about Morrissey as well. There is no
accounting for the maturity level of most people and it is true that we grow
out of the these phases, maybe James should impliment some sort of test
before one can enter Sloannet. You know, something with specific questions
about all things Halifax, and about Sloan and the Superfriendz and bands
like Rome Plows that nobody outside of Halifax has ever heard of. And if you
haven't heard the "proper" music and can name "the proper names" then you'd
be denied entrance. I'm sure that would trim things down.

Until this test is put into place, things will change as the membership on
this list changes and grows. Truthfully I don't think there is an easy way
to control this and I think that if some people dislike this that much then
maybe its time to leave. Or you can lead by example, make intelligent posts
(I thought most of the recent Sloan show reviews were relevent and
occasionally clever) and maybe things will come around.

Who knows? Time will tell, but threatening to shut the list down is
oversimplifying the problem. 

Until next time,

Sarcastically yours.