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Re: The ongoing history of east coast mailing groups


Since I just wrote a rather drawn out response to R., I won't go over it all
again, since my response was just about the same as yours......but lacking in
suggestions.  I did notice that you're going to see Sloan in 5 days, and I hope
you have even *half* as good a time as I did.

It was my all-out "Sloan Day".  : )    I got to Tower Records in time to see
them play a quick set there, got their autographs, and headed out to the show.
(By the way, if anyone who was at the Tower Records thing remember what Smiths
or Morrissey song they played to warm up, could you PLEASE tell me what it was,
and if it's for sale anywhere??  The Sloan version I mean...)  All I can say is
that they were truly amazing, and Chris even hit the notes in "Anyone Who's
Anyone" PERFECTLY!!!  The band seemed to be having as good a time as I was.  : )
They even played "Bells ON", which totally made my night.  Anyways, enjoy the

bLuRrEd ViSiOn