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Re: The ongoing history of east coast mailing groups


It appears that some of the people here must be bitter about newcomers to
Sloannet.  Of course, I'm brand new to this, and I'm darned glad that I picked
up that little bit of paper at the Oct. 3rd show that had the address for the
"Official" Sloan site.  I'm sad to see that some people want to cut others off
from this nifty resource.  

If I had had to answer questions about "all things Haligonian" before I could
have gotten on the list, I surely would have been denied access.  I *am* located
in the most hated spot in Canada (Toronto), but I *do* love Sloan.  Wouldn't you
think that it was totally unfair if you liked a band from Toronto, or anywhere
else for that matter, and couldn't get info on them just because of your
geographical location?  Seems quite unfair to me.

Of course, there are the inane posts, but they appear everywhere you look.  Just
think of them as people's advertisements for their own immaturity, and move on
the the next post.  I've always gotten a bit of a kick out of the spelling and
other little tidbits in the "unwanted" posts though.  

It is a little sad that when I went to the Sloan show that there were twice as
many underage people as there were 19+ people, but that's just the way it goes
sometimes.  I think that the fact that Twice Removed wasn't really pushed by the
record company added to some of the loss of interest in Sloan by older people,
but that's another topic....  What I'm trying to say is that Sloan *deserve* the
attention that they're getting now, no matter who it is that's giving them the
attention.  I must say that I am sorta glad that the US hasn't particularly
caught on to them, just because they seem to chew a band up and spit them out
really fast.  

Anyways, there's my 2 cents.

bLuRrEd ViSiOn