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Re: calling all Covey's

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, ROGER NELSON wrote:

> > in fact, let's get rid of all those too oft 
> > discussed topics like:
> > a)  hot new bands from the east coast.
> > b)  record labels from the east coast.
> > c)  venues in the east coast.
> > d)  radio stations in the east coast.
> > e)  the east coast.
> > yours in pettiness,
> > Melissa
> ????????? Would someone please set this girl strate! If this is a 
> discussion group of the East Coast Music Seen, Why do all the topics
> she wants us NOT  to discuss end with the words EAST COAST? What the 
> hell are we going to talk about if we can't mention Thrush Hermit, 
> Murderecords, The Birdland, CKDU, and the great Atlantic Ocean! 
> Sorry to bitch but this is getting nuts!
	uggghhh! dumbass! its a friggin' joke! you know sarcasm!?!  I'm
sorry to clog up everyone's mailbox with this...(this is probably against
Sloan Net's rulz and shit) just that I can't take it when people take
things sooo literally sometimes. 
	regarding the new rulz of Sloan Net. umm..well...I agree with alot
of what's being said to improve things but some of this is getting out of
hand.  To quote an already overused catch phrase of the early 90's 'Why
can't we all just get along?'   I mean I could give a shit about the
conditions of Cafe Ole, being from New York.  But I also think that Lee
Maslin's postings on here are very relevant to Sloan Net content.  I
really hope Lee won't stop posting on here although he's already stated he
will stop. I urge Lee to reconsider (and to quote another overused phrase
of the 90's..esp on Sloan Net..."i hope i don't get flamed for that one")

	I really hope we can get this mess on here straightened out. I've
only been a member of this hostile group for less than a year, so i missed
the whole Math Rock and Catano/posie dude war but I do remember when
things weren't this bad and it *appeared* things were okay. Maybe I'm
	Okay so that's my 2 cents (in american funds) worth. I hope a
solution is figured out soon.  This is starting to look like a
disfuctional family. (doesn't everything though)


ps (see I'm using one of Sloan Net's guidelines and posting in the PS part
about this)
	I'm on the NYU Program Board and member of its commitee called the
Indepentdent Music Search fest.  Every year we have indie bands from all
over the country (and Canada!) play here.  Its in March.  A couple of
years ago Thrush Hermit took part and last year the Spinanes played as
part of it.  okay so anyways.  Any of you labels/bands who want to send a
copy of your CD and Press kit get in touch with me (at my e-mail address)
i know Murderecords sent us a kit this year (hmm WHICH bands could it

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