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Re: schmontroversy.

>>let's face it, those of you obsessed with sloan hairstyles
>>can already get your fill of the band through the corporate-
>>sposored media like _impact_ (and props to them for being
>>way better than the other record-store freebie mags) and
>>muchmusic.  i'm not interested in a sloan net that only
>>repeats what people already know or do.

>Wow, James, that smarts! Your rather nasty remark makes me feel the need to
>point out a couple of things:
>1. iMPACT's (my) Sloan story was not about their hairstyles

a quote from mary's sloan story in _impact_ (which, by the way,
is a thoroughly good article)...

	In that case, [Chris Murphy's] therapist might also
	question why he cut his hair the way he did -- very Liam
	Gallagher. "Right!" he says.  "But now he's starting to
	gain weight, and I was doing that way before him!"

geez, i didn't think bringing that up was nasty!  i just thought
it was a good example of the kinds of things that the mainstream
media seizes on for (what consitutes in their context) "good copy."
the kind of thing we don't need to repeat here.  don't you think?

>2. iMPACT is not corporate-sponsored (unfortunately, I sometimes think). We
>take advertising to pay the bills, just like exclaim, the chart, the coast
>and EVERY other magazine, whether you think of them as indie

hee hee.  i don't think anyone's ever accused _the coast_ of being indie...

>or whatever other bullshit term.

i never like being put in the position of having to re-iterate the obvious,
but i can't let that go without pointing out, for the nth time, that
"relative" is NOT the same as "bullshit" (100% of everything is relative;
only 90% of everything is bullshit :-) so to speak).

>iMPACT is free in record stores because that's an
>excellent way to have a high circulation and get it distributed to music
>fans across the country.

fine.  but if you're implying that that fact has no "impact" (sorry) on
the content, i think you're fooling yourself!

>I unsubscribed a few months ago when Chris Murphy's foot obsession was the
>most interesting topic anyone could think of. I came back to read reports
>of the HOM festival, but nothing has improved.

gee mary, you didn't like my reviews of the festival?
not enough hair analysis?  :-)

(just kidding!  don't hit me!)

>With all the talk about Sloan Net's mission, one idea has occurred to me
>that you all might want to consider: PERHAPS YOU REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.

or maybe the truth isn't quite so all-emcompassing as that... maybe we just
really have nothing to say to YOU.

still sportin' my spiffy "impact magazine" summer concert survival kit bag,

james, _impact_ reader and indie (bullshit) snob

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