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this is crazy

okay, this list is going crazy.  would somebody please explain the
concept of basic sarcasm to Roger?  Or is sarcasm now illegal as well?

I only recently re-subbed to sloannet after about a six month absence (i
rejoined in september), so i haven't seen how this list has deteriorated
into what it now is... and i don't really understand how either.

There was a point in time, not so long ago (okay, well maybe it was closer
to two years ago), when James actually *encouraged* people to post
information about their own personal musical projects.  This is how the
whole Les Amies compilation idea came about.  SloanNet was, at one point
in time, more of a community than some sort of drivel machine pouring out
the latest poop from Halifax.  People were <*gasp*> actually interested in
what other people on the list were up to.  I guess nobody gives a shit
about anybody else now, and maybe that's why so many are taking offense to
Lee's Squirtgun postings. 

Not so long ago, people actually *wanted* to hear what the State Champs or
Cindy or Hitchhiked or whoever else it might have been were up to.

While i can fully understand why the gig-info questions are undesirable, i
don't really see why it's a problem if people on the list are posting
about their own personal projects.  If Lee's got lots of cool stuff out,
that he thinks members of the list might be interested in, or if he's
putting on a show, or whatever, then why shouldn't he be allowed to post
about it?  God, if this had been the attitude of SloanNet since Day One,
then nobody would have even *suggested* attempting to do a comp. made up
of others on the list itself. 

btw, is Les Amies even still alive, or has it been put to death by this
horrible lack of interest??