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Re: calling all Covey's

->Hey James, could you please mail me? I need to talk to you..
->I don't have your new address. Sorry to have to post this to 
->the whole list..

Who is this James guy anyways?

Aren't there better things to discuss than 
needing an address??

Geez Brendan, it's posts like those that make 
me think everyone without a Dal address 
should just unsubscribe...

Couldn't you two just meet for coffee for an 
hour or two and exchange addresses there??  
this isn't just a halifax list you know....
this isn't the dating game....

Things I think are acceptable to discuss are 
as follows:

a)  are matt murphy and chris murphy related?
b)  how do i get laura borealis's books?
c)  did eric's trip break up?
d)  did the hardship post break up?
e)  are all the fergusons of the world 
f)  what is math rock?  
g)  do you remember what the members of 
        sloan were wearing on June 26, 1993?
h)  do you remember what you were wearing 
        when you met the members of sloan on 
        June 26, 1993?
i)  what would it be like to tousle chris 
        murphy's hair?

other than this.  keep your little comments 
and pleas for attention to yourself.  this 
goes for everyone.

in fact, let's get rid of all those too oft 
discussed topics like:
a)  hot new bands from the east coast.
b)  record labels from the east coast.
c)  venues in the east coast.
d)  radio stations in the east coast.
e)  the east coast.

now, that's what sloannet is REALLY about.

yours in pettiness,

ps/  Brendan, man, I love you, this was just 
too good to pass up =)