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hey kidz...

a lot of people have reacted pretty strongly to catano's post.
(by the way, his name's "mike" not "victor"!)  some of you
seem to be wondering what i think of his vision of sloan net.

well, i think he's largely *right* -- except on the one point
that people have reacted most strongly to, and that is the
local vs. global thing.

i think the real question is people's willingness to put some
thought, some consideration, and some time into their posts.
to me, that's the one thing that can do the most to make sloan
net an interesting place to be.  look at how much effort catano
put into his post -- it spawned a lot of negative response,
but at least most of it has been *substantial* negative
response.  it's a real drag being on a discussion list when
9 out of 10 messages deserve to go straight into the trash,

my personal view is that there room for *both* substantial
discussion of what's going on here in halifax and how the
music of this region is being received in other places.
i mean, do people from michigan or british columbia want
to be reduced to mute observers of the arcane ramblings
of ten halifax insiders?  i don't think so.

there's bound to be a certain curiosity on the part of
not-from-here east-coast-music fans about what the
up-and-coming *new* bands are in halifax and the region,
as well as a curiosity on the part of east-coasters
about how their homegrown music is being received
elsewhere.  and i've always intended sloan net to be
that kind of a two-way street.

now, about the "indie-snob" issue.  yes, sloan are big
now, much bigger than when this list started over three
years ago.  but unlike a lot of other bands, sloan have
put a lot of effort, time, and money, into supporting
and promoting other artists from their own region.
they've constantly deflected a great amount of attention
from themselves onto other bands.

sloan net has been around since may 1993 and it's *always*
been dedicated to the same principle of promoting lesser-
known bands.  if you don't like that, indie-snob *this*
(hee hee, i sound so hardass when i say that).  remember,
sloan net is free of charge, and in the immortal (and
hypocritical) words of neil young, we're sponsored by
*nobody* (this message brought to you by bluenose web,
your internet solutions people!).  as far as i'm concerned,
it's a matter of *responsibility* to make sure that we use
that bandwidth for the kind of communication that
corporate-funded media don't already support.

let's face it, those of you obsessed with sloan hairstyles
can already get your fill of the band through the corporate-
sposored media like _impact_ (and props to them for being
way better than the other record-store freebie mags) and
muchmusic.  i'm not interested in a sloan net that only
repeats what people already know or do.

so if you sign on to sloan net, you're going to hear about
other bands.  it's always been that way.  for the purposes
of this discussion list, halifax *is* the centre of the
universe, like it or lump it.  but it is a *virtual*
universe, and that means there's the need for views and
news from people who don't live here.  otherwise, as
someone observed, we haligonians could just have a weekly
coffee meeting!

dream asked how many subscribers we have.  since i'm no
longer the postmaster, i can't tell you for sure, but i
know that when i used to handle subscriptions myself the
list was composed of one-third haligonians, one-third
other canadians, and one-third rest-of-the-world.  i
wouldn't be surprised if it was still like that.

for some reason, the lee maslin issue keeps coming up.
i think that if people have a problem with how often he
posts, they should email him *privately*.  please keep
in mind that squirtgun is a thoroughly independent label
that heavily supports a lot of east-coast bands.  i
think we should be prepared to cut labels like his a
lot of slack.  squirtgun is more dependent on media such
as sloan net than even murder, which has corporate
distribution working for it.  so keep that in mind.

and finally, i think it's important to note that the
hermit thrush was far more poetically significant for
walt whitman than for t.s. eliot.  :-)


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