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Re: calling all Covey's

> in fact, let's get rid of all those too oft 
> discussed topics like:
> a)  hot new bands from the east coast.
> b)  record labels from the east coast.
> c)  venues in the east coast.
> d)  radio stations in the east coast.
> e)  the east coast.
> yours in pettiness,
> Melissa

????????? Would someone please set this girl strate! If this is a 
discussion group of the East Coast Music Seen, Why do all the topics
she wants us NOT  to discuss end with the words EAST COAST? What the 
hell are we going to talk about if we can't mention Thrush Hermit, 
Murderecords, The Birdland, CKDU, and the great Atlantic Ocean! 
Sorry to bitch but this is getting nuts!