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Re: SC and SFZ/finally something relevant and useful

>Do we know who both of the trumpet players are? 

yup, they are Brenndan McGuire(producer of OCTA amongst others) and Dallas
Goode<sp>(of the sadies) 

>for whomever was extolling the virtues of a "delete" key the other 
>day in a rather badly written and snarky post,
>n fact it is a very closed discussion roup,
>given person is not going to givr 
>leave you e-mail address and let people respond 

I wouldn't really be condeming someone for a "poor" written post. 

>someone said they felt scared to post, well you should.  you should be very
>afraid to waste my time and everyone elses.

if your time is oh so important why waste it on a discussion list??? If yr
time means that much to you, maybe you should unsubscribe and evaluate your
precious time.

>lee maslin (who thank god hasn't been posting that 
>much lately) has no excuse for continually posting squirtgun records 
>updates to the list, it would be very very very easy for him to simply 
>post a message saying "who is interested on information on this label and 
>these bands?" and take all the names who reply and put together a mailing 
>list from it - just about any e-mail account will let you do mass 

well victor, maybe some of us don't have so much time on there hands like
you. Why shouldn't he be able to post about his label here??? Considering
since most of the projects he puts forth to the list (eg broken glass cd,
More Of Our Stupid Noise etc etc) fill the east coast rule, there should be
no problem what so ever w/ what he post. 

>but it goes for all purveyors of records etc. who live outside of the east
>coast - one post is enough. 

FUCK IT !!! Why don't you just boot everyone who lives west of Quebec off
the list. That seems like a great solution. 

>t was about the very small details of the east coast scene 
>being discussed by people who were actually acquainted with that scene.  
>we really need to get back to that, because that's where the manageable 
>discussion lies.

Well maybe with all that time you saved from people not wasting it, you can
write a handbook that comes along w/ subscribing to SloanNet. I think you
people need to realize that when a band gets "bigger" yr gonna have more
people wanting to join their mailing lists, look at their websites etc etc
etc. The exact thing happened on the Sebadoh-l, the band has recently gotten
heavy radio attention, and well the # of people who have recently joined the
list has increased, and you know, the people who have been there for a lot
longer of time  have been patient and polite to help people help, not
ranting on in a rage basically scaring the people away. Do you think ranting
on like this will stop someone from posting as much??? I Don't think so..

> no one needs four or five reviews of the same show.  if 
>you get beaten to the punch by someone else, well t.s., don't bother.

I thought by reading your mail, theres a thing called diversity. One person
could slam a show and another could praise it. Most people like diversity,
anything else would be just plain bland.

Why is it of late that everyone is pulling a whole "indie than thou" trip,
it really ain't cool, this place used to be great up until about a month
ago, I'm very surprised James hasn't pulled the plug on this yet, and if all
this keeps up, I would'nt be surprised if he doesn't pull it soon. Thank you
and Fuck you.


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