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Re: just a question..

Bandwagonesque posted this Sat Oct 5/96:

>I was just wondering...
>maybe it would be a good idea if everyone who doesn't live on the *east
>coast* gets off this list...if discussion on it is supposed to be so limited
>why was it ever published anywhere? why didn't james just give the address
>to people on the east coast?
>if this list is going to start being a totally closed discussion pertaining
>to only those who live on the east coast, could someone please inform
>everyone who lives somewhere else?
>James - do you share the same opionions as below?
>>this list should be about discussing why dischord is a
>>bad record store, why the cafe ole can't ever be respectable, how to find
>>you way to room 201, the nazi rock scene of new brunswick, the woes of
>>pei's campus radio station, and not a whole lot else.  the name "sloan
>>net" is problamatic because it has led to the development of this as a
>>"fan" list of some sort which it really isn't supposed to be.  the bands
>>never used to be that big a focus point on the list and in my opinion
>>(and the opinion of many others) they shouldn't be now.

I personally think that this is a load of horseshit.  This is supposed to
be a discussion group about the East Coast music scene and related topics.
There should be no requirement for having to live on the East Coast to be
able to participate, that's just bullshit.  Do you think that Halifax is
the center of the universe or something??  You sound like Toronto.

I agree with some of Catano's arguments that we don't need 10 postings a
day from one person, especially lame ones of the "Chris looked at me at the
show last night and I almost died..." variety.  It's true...noone else
cares!!  Post to your friends personally and tell them about your true love
experience, I don't want to hear it.  We also don't need people posting
questions like asking how much a certain 7" costs.  James has e-mail
addresses for many labels, so you can e-mail them directly and ask this.
These posts are just a waste of everyone's time.

However, I don't agree that discussion should be limited to just "why
dischord is a bad record store, why cafe ole can't ever be respectable, how
to find your way to room 201" (how about trying the stairs??).  If this is
all that you people want to discuss, why don't you just meet at a
restaurant in Halifax once a week and do it.  This way us little people
wouldn't be bothering you with our innane non-Halifax postings.

If people want to discuss things that have happened with EC bands or
records OUTSIDE of the holy city of Halifax then they should be allowed to.
But of course, this is just the humble opinion of one non-Haligonian.

Bye for now...


P.S. - Feel free to bitch me out if you want, but I think that this entire
       topic of discussion has been the most interesting thing on Sloannet in
       about 6 months.  Bye...

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who sold himself too short...so now he travels door to door, performing
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