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Posting irrelivent information..

> I disagree with what Victor C. said about Lee maslin's squirtgun posts.  
> His releases include many top east coast bands (anyone hear a band called 
> eric's something, I forget....), and being a resident of a shithole town in 
> Ohio, I would never hear about his releases anywhere else.  As for 
> compiling a list of interested parties on sloannet and then posting to 
> them only, well what of people who join sloannet after the post asking 

I don't think you got the whole point of what Victor said.. it's really 
irritating to read the same advertisment over and over and over, when 
once would have been quite enough.. I understand that people have to 
advertise their product. Well, take out an ad in the Coast or Exclaim or 
whatever. If a product is good people here will talk about it. I always 
post about good records, _always_. People WILL still hear about it. 

> Is it so wrong to post onto the sebadoh-l, hey do any of you guys know about 
> moonsocket, or SMOG?  This is a discussion group about East Coast RELATED 
> topics, and I think that musicians who would appeal to fans of east coast 
> bands is RELATED.

I should point out just how much sebadoh-l SUCKS, it's not a very good 
example of what is right about a mailing list.. in many respects sloannet 
is alot like it.. [ie. people know that Barlow can see their posts so 
they suck up and all, plus they are mostly a bunch of doughheads.. people 
here do a similar sort of thing- knowing fully well that the people at 
murder records could read what they write and that maybe someone in sloan 
could see it, wow, could you imagine?] I should hope that would change with 

East Coast related... hmm, like Treble Charger or what may have you? Just 
because a band trys to sound a certain way doesn't make them associated to what 
they sound like. If I made a record that sounded like Sebadoh, would that mean 
I should make the trip to Boston and try to "fit in"? That's just silly. 

Think about it,

Ps. Some people I'm sure would disagree with all of this.. well, I think 
it has been clearly defined what sloannet is.. if people don't like it 
they should, by all means, start another list for whatever they are more 
interested in. Nobody said that you can't post this stuff, there's no real 
way to stop it.. but just don't get upset when you get flamed.