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Re: Sloan in Thunder Bay

>>Cancer" in the encore.  They also played I can feel it, with andrew and pat
>>singing duet..
>you know, this kind of stuff makes me want to hop in a van and see all of
>the shows.  i missed the first show in toronto; they play torn, jay uses
>maracas, and pat breaks his guitar.   i get to the second toronto show and i
>am lucky enough to see pat play drums and they play 500 up.   its like one
>show(waterloo) they're all soft and non-energetic then other shows they're
>blowing up the place, doing different stuff everytime.  

I'd say at the Thunder Bay show, they were definitly softer and more
non-energetic then what i've heard of from other shows.. but that is to be
expected because i don't think there has ever been a band in history that
gave Thunder Bay it's 100% best.. no one cares about this crappy little
town...  on the same note, we got to see Pat play drums, and chirs guitar
for Deeper then Beauty :)  

Rob B.
Society's Norm