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Sloan in Thunder Bay

Just saw Sloan and the Inbreds last night here in Thunder Bay, and it was
awsome beyond words.  The only down side of the night is that it was an
"early show" so i figured it'd start around 9ish, showed up at 7:30, and had
to wait in line about a 1/2 hour while the bouncers checked people's ID..
but by the time i got in there, the inbreds were already 1/2 done their set
:(  I've heard of them doing this elsewhere, but usually in Thunder Bay they
wait until most of the croud gets in before starting the opening act ..
anyways, it was GREAT!!  The Inbreds' addition of a guitar player sounded
cool, and their coming back this way next month, if anyone cares..
Then on came Sloan, and they were 10X better then i expected (this was my
first time seeing them). I fianally realized that yes, they are Rock Stars
now.. i think it was the light show that made it sink in, a few of those
flashes reminded me an awful lot of Jesus Christ Superstar :)  They played
only stuff from Twice Removed and OCTA, with the exception of "I am the
Cancer" in the encore.  They also played I can feel it, with andrew and pat
singing duet.. I give this show 4 outta 5 stars (they lose one for making me
miss the inbreds).
Poseur of the night: during the encore, there was a short silent pause, so i
thought they were taking requests, and yelled out for them to play "pretty
voice", and some big jock guy beside me turned around and asked me what the
hell i was talking about, so i told him pretty voice is a song off Sloan's
first album, and he replied "oh, i don't have twice removed yet, sorry".. hah..

Rob B. 

P.S.. i know i don't live on the east coast, but i have found this list to
be very good, especially stuff like EC record releases because there is no
good record store here, and if there is something i want, it's a 99% chance
i have to order it.. Squirtgun's postings are alot more interesting to me
then people having sex and tackling secret service agents.. if i wanted to
see that i'd watch TV.  Anyways, since i don't live on the EC, does that
mean i should get off the list?  and if so, a list should be started that
can include everyone, where record releases, tourinfo, and all other EC
material can be accepted.
Rob B.
Society's Norm