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saturday at the birdland

hercules - i'm happy with the our set :)

rome plows - had a few very minor technical difficulties, but lender and 
andy's banter(and wacky anticks(sp?)) kept everyone entertained, even 
those two australian lasses.  they played a number of my favourites 
including eyeball, and that monkey with an afro song.  i really don't 
know the titles to most of them, but they have a number of incredible 
songs.  very rock and roll, bluesy and jazzy with thuddy, at times rapid 
fire delivery.  I've come to really appreciate lender's bass playing, and 
mike's vocal.  These two elements about the band have not really been 
given their due(sp?). Lender is one solid bass player, and provides an 
important layer to the full sound that the rome plows deliver.  Mike's 
vocal is one that i think is similar to what rick white does, not the 
most powerfull vocalist, but uses his voice effectively over the sound 
the band creates.  the plows unvailed a new lender song, and it was 
pretty good, nowhere near as tight as the others, but show all the 
makings of a standby.  btw, they played straight tonight, they played one 
of the best shows i've seen.

rebecca west - played alot of new stuff, i'm glad.  They also played 
well, i thoroughly enjoyed the set. it seemed to me that everyone was on, 
for some reason i really noticed allyson's voice(apart from the fact 
she's singing all the songs) she seemed to hitting all the notes just 
right(i don't know what that means, apart from it was enjoyable).  I 
never tire of seeing this band, i hope that the new songs mean a new 
release sometime soon, maybe in the new year, their ought to be a 
rebecca west 7" out there to purchased.  

kay, everyone be happy :)