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just a question..

I was just wondering...
maybe it would be a good idea if everyone who doesn't live on the *east
coast* gets off this list...if discussion on it is supposed to be so limited
why was it ever published anywhere? why didn't james just give the address
to people on the east coast? 
if this list is going to start being a totally closed discussion pertaining
to only those who live on the east coast, could someone please inform
everyone who lives somewhere else?
James - do you share the same opionions as below?

>this list should be about discussing why dischord is a 
>bad record store, why the cafe ole can't ever be respectable, how to find 
>you way to room 201, the nazi rock scene of new brunswick, the woes of 
>pei's campus radio station, and not a whole lot else.  the name "sloan 
>net" is problamatic because it has led to the development of this as a 
>"fan" list of some sort which it really isn't supposed to be.  the bands 
>never used to be that big a focus point on the list and in my opinion 
>(and the opinion of many others) they shouldn't be now.  

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