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here's the deal.

everyday, i get a ton of e-mail sent to me asking about releases from people
who are on sloannet.  i post to sloannet because a large majority of the
questions i am asked are from people who are on sloannet.  if i was to post
to everyone individually it would take all day everyday and as i stated most
of these people are on sloannet anyway.

i understood that sloannet was an east-coast discussion group.  i don't
think i have to go into how many east coast releases we have and how many we
will continue to release and how many shows we put on that feature east
coast bands and not to mention that we distribute an east coast label (sappy).

i might also add that i made a point of thanking sloannet and including the
e-mail address in our compilation cd.

as far as catano goes, i refuse to say anything negative about him.

i will continue to answer everyone's e-mail but this will be my last post to
sloannet so your reply may take a little longer.

lee maslin