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Re: posting dos and donts

...As if the 99% of the Sloan Net constituency that doesn't
happen to live in Halifax could care less about the renovations of Cafe
Ole...about other performance artists performing simulated sex scenes
while listening to EC music...because that's just wonderful EC
content...how talking about concerts *in* Halifax is more important than
talking about records that have EC content (such as the Squirtgun and
Homemade hearts releases) is hard to fathom.

Maybe it is time to evaluate what Sloan Net should and shouldn't be. If
the criteria for EC content are to become as narrow some of the
finer members of this list  want them to be, perhaps this list isn't for
most of us. If trading talk about a thursday night show *in* Halifax is
supposed to be what Sloan Net is, then yeah, maybbe it's time to force out
those of us who thought the reason for Sloan Net was to discuss a more
global view of the EC scene. Sure, I think that people should stick to
replying to personal posts, and should reply several posts in one shot,
but dammit, we *have* been talking east coast stuff....compared to the
Math Rock abominations that Catano has spawned, and the whole Catano vs.
James Rocchi public flame war, I really doubt that Lee Maslin's posts
(which contain more EC content than some post about some performance
artist, his salami, and the preppy relatives) should be targetted
in any way...now, there is lots of noise, and there are ways to curb the
noise. For instance, maybe the default reply address should be the
poster's and not the list. I just get the overwhelming feeling
that some people are more willing to be critical now because they
are not as prominent on the list as they once were. It's a shame. What are
some of these "useless threads" people keep seeing ? this is certainly one
of them...other than that, keep talking music people...