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posting dos and donts

I disagree with what Victor C. said about Lee maslin's squirtgun posts.  
His releases include many top east coast bands (anyone hear a band called 
eric's something, I forget....), and being a resident of a shithole town in 
Ohio, I would never hear about his releases anywhere else.  As for 
compiling a list of interested parties on sloannet and then posting to 
them only, well what of people who join sloannet after the post asking 
for signups.  And what of people who aren't willing to buy a compilation 
cd with only one orange glass song, so they don't give their name to the 
list, but then squirt desides to release a full length, and these parties 
who would be interested don't know about it. 
Now, yes, I will be the first to admit (as I'm sure many of you astute 
readers have already seen) that I too have used sloannet to post updates 
about records I've released on my record label, so I may tend to be 
biased.  Well, these are just my opinions, and I'm sorry if that's how 
they seem.  Please read them and decide for yourself.  And another 
comment about my posts, I have been "advertising" (to use the worst word 
possible) two 7"s, one by a prominent EC figure (Tara S'appart {white}) 
and one by a non-EC figure (whom I will not mention on sloannet until the 
final verdict abou all this is out). Now this second artist is a big fan 
of the EC home recording scene, and it has been a big influence on his 
work..  And I believe that it would appeal to people who are into the 
same sort of music, which is why I post it to the list here, because I 
think here is a large group of people who would LIKE it!  Is it so wrong 
to post onto the sebadoh-l, hey do any of you guys know about 
moonsocket, or SMOG?  This is a discussion group about East Coast RELATED 
topics, and I think that musicians who would appeal to fans of east coast 
bands is RELATED.
Again, this is only the way I see things, if the majority of the people 
on this list want me to keep from mentioning any band aside from East 
Coast bands even though this means excluding bands heavily influenced by 
that kind of music, and probably would also appeal to the fan of that 
sort of music, well, then Iwill have to obey (albeit begrudgingly 
[begrudge begrudge]).
I think it is kind of sad that now every post onto sloannet begins or 
ends with, "I hope I don't get flamed for posting this".
homemade hearts records
perveyor of such east coast talent as - Tara S'appart.
And another dude who can't be mentioned.