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finally something relevant and useful (LONG!!)

local performance artist chris yorke faced charges related to a 
sackville, NB, performance on oct. 1st.  chris is the man behind gypsy 
times magazine, and you may remember his alter-ego metallicus from his 
infamous performance at last summer's g7 - at least when he got wrestled 
to the ground be secret service agents.  he was also the mouthpeice 
behind the short lived, but always memorable, ass-slappin' daddies.

you may remeber accounts of his performance at a sackville art gallery 
from various local news sources, but in brief, he and a female companion 
got nekkid, cracked some eggs on each other and simulated oral sex, 
amongst other things, all to sounds of the preppy relatives.

anyhoo, here's an account from someone who was at the trial:

>Things seemed to go Chris' way: no compelling arguments to throw him in
>prison, no witnesses called to condemn him to hell, many people who said
>they didn't mind, much justification of "art."
>There was no impersonation.
>The judge has deferred his decision until 21 January, 1997.

apparantly the judge seemed to be on chris' side at several points during 
the trial, so things look good.  he's a first time offender, and a 
non-violent one at that, so at worst he faces a fine or community 
service, jail time is almost impossible.  


ps - what follows is my two cents into the sloan net quality control 
debate.  it is lengthy, and rambly.

for whomever was extolling the virtues of a "delete" key the other 
day in a rather badly written and snarky post, please note this: sloan 
net may be a discussion group, but it is not by any means an "open" 
discussion, in fact it is a very closed discussion roup, limited to a 
very specific range of topices, those being things relating to the goings 
on of the east coast music scene.  this list is far too large to adhere 
to the "oh if you don't like it just delete it" rule, no matter how 
appealing it may seem.  

there are enough people talking about enough 
stupid things on this list so that any given person is not going to givr 
two shits about the vast majority of it, and that's NOT how a list should 
work.  the topic of discussion, after the group reaches a relatively 
large population, should be sufficiently narrow so that all people on it 
should be able to find some interest in the majority of posts.  i know 
a lot of the "old schoolers" quite well, and it is a general concensus 
that this list sucks the bone, the only question for most of us is 
whether we should do something to try to improve the list, or simply 
abandon it.  

the only solution for the quality problems on this list is, 
for at least a short period of time, to have a very moderated discussion, 
and to actually unsubscribe people who step out of line.  someone said 
they felt scared to post, well you should.  you should be very afraid to 
waste my time and everyone elses.  ther is absolutely NO reason why there 
shouldn't be an upper canadian scene list, because there is so much of 
that worthless shit being posted here that i'm sure it would be very 
popular.  similarly, lee maslin (who thank god hasn't been posting that 
much lately) has no excuse for continually posting squirtgun records 
updates to the list, it would be very very very easy for him to simply 
post a message saying "who is interested on information on this label and 
these bands?" and take all the names who reply and put together a mailing 
list from it - just about any e-mail account will let you do mass 
mailouts, by doing it you can reach more people who might be interested, 
you won't have to limit your ads to ones for east coast product, and 
you'll save space on the list. this is not to pick on lee maslin, who is 
a nice enough guy, but it goes for all purveyors of records etc. who 
live outside of the east coast - one post is enough.  we don't need to 
have continual updates about who is distributing it where and how and 
who.  post once, leave you e-mail address and let people respond 
PRIVATELY.  it just makes SENSE.  maybe you should even wait until your 
ready to sell the damn thing to post about it.

another thing which i've said many times in many ways.  please limit the 
amount of times you post in one day, and try to combine as many posts 
into one as you can.  really, there's no reason to post more than once a 
day to sloan net.  read ALL your mail, and then reply to ALL of it in one 
post.  quite a few people have been doing this, and it's a good thing.

when sloan net started (and i don't claim to have been there since the 
beginning) it was about the very small details of the east coast scene 
being discussed by people who were actually acquainted with that scene.  
we really need to get back to that, because that's where the manageable 
discussion lies.  this list should be about discussing why dischord is a 
bad record store, why the cafe ole can't ever be respectable, how to find 
you way to room 201, the nazi rock scene of new brunswick, the woes of 
pei's campus radio station, and not a whole lot else.  the name "sloan 
net" is problamatic because it has led to the development of this as a 
"fan" list of some sort which it really isn't supposed to be.  the bands 
never used to be that big a focus point on the list and in my opinion 
(and the opinion of many others) they shouldn't be now.  

quite frankly, posts like "i saw jay and chris in HMV on yongue street, 
and i was really shy." are WORTHLESS.  they don;'t say anything about 
anything, except thatr you're a shy person, and i really don't care if 
you are - if you want to expose people to your personal psychoses, start 
a fucking web page.  

what, in my opinion, should be appropriate discussion on the sloan net:
-gig reviews: reviews of non-east coast bands playing on the east coast, 
or reviews of east coast bands playing elsewhere.  not so much to learn 
about your personal experiences of the gig, although those are what make 
reading a show review interesting, but moreso to learn about the event 
itself.  one well-written, interesting, anecdotal (sp?) review is enough 
for one show.  no one needs four or five reviews of the same show.  if 
you get beaten to the punch by someone else, well t.s., don't bother.

-east coast issues: ie, things that are happening that have an effect on 
the way the world of east coast rock works.  this means information about 
thevarious campu radio stations and their issues, what's happening to the 
clubs, who's doing what to whom, why the coast is good and 'fax was bad, 
stuff like that.  also, INTERESTING stories about east coasters abroad is 
fine.  if you have a funny/cool/important story about how you met the 
guys from thrush hermit that you honestly think someone other than 
yourself might care about, post it.  if you don't think it's very 
interesting to anyone else, but still feel the need to share, add it as a 
ps to a more relevant letter.  

-record reviews: reviews of east coast bands' records, and non-east coast 
bands' records on east cost labels (why local rabbits are acceptable and 
treble shitter are not.)

-gig announcements: for east coast bands who are away and for shows 
happening on the east coast.  ie, an entire pluto tour schedule is a 
waste, but adding the fact that they are playing at the club capri in 
march to the end of a post is great.  gig announcements should also 
include events of all sorts, art shows, film presentations, nscad stuff, 
free vegetarian bar-b-cues, etc.  

within these very broad topic ranges, there should be more than enough 
room for everyone to contribute.  remember, a few long, interesting posts 
a day will generate far more interest and meaningful discussion than a 
billion of these shit-assed one-liners.