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Rhythm and Love~~Danko Jones style....

hey all, here's a review of the sloan show at the concert hall in toronto,
last night.

Danko Jones opened, sans carton of milk.  i was kinda hoping that i'd get to
see him slurpin' away, but he didn't.  sources say that a one Mr. P.
Pentland had something to do with the absence of the milk.  

Jale was up next.  i believe they played a good %75 or more of 'so wound'
and one song not on the record to close.  they even played Despite!!! the
one mike sings a verse in!!!!  and Superstar, two of my favORites.
then Sloan, oh mighty Sloan.  danko jones had a little speech about how
"jocks can play sports, but they can't score."  and to stop the "football
practice."  and later said "some people just don't learn"  actually, the guy
who posted earlier is right.  no one had respect for the bands.  they were
told to stop crowd riding.  chris said, "there's a rule tonight, no crowd
riding.  and to all the people who's this is their first show, it's OLD, so
stop doing it, and don't start."  

well, onto the show.
they started with:
nothing left to make me want to stay...

and the rest in no particular:
_the good in everyone
g turns to d
everything you've done wrong
anyone who's anyone
the lines you amend
can't face up
400 meters
i hate my generation
people of the sky
coax me
bells on
snowsuit sound
i am the cancer

and for the end,

PATRICK played drums and chris guitar for 'deeper than beauty'

also, chris said, "this one isn't 400 meters, it's 500 UP!!"

thay was really cool.  but andrew didn't do any singing on that one.  just
chris and patrick.  
when they came on stage, and before, the crowd was absolutely mad.
screaming, screeching etc, esp. when the lights went down.  patrick came out
with a jacket on, but took it off to reveal a CHICAGO shirt.  chris pulled
at his own shirt and pointed at patrick smiling.  how's that for all the
people who think they ripped off Chicago, esp. my dad who walked into the
room one day saying, "hey, Chicago's still together??" not knowing about the
Sloan song.  everytime he hears it, he has to make some dumbass remark about
it.  before they came on, i did hear one person standing near me asking
someone else, "is that them?" when one of the Sepultura shirt bearing
roadies came out. tsk tsk.  the show was extremely rocking.  i got to see
chris drum and andrew sing for the first time which was "totally great."
while andrew was singing the opening to people of the sky, chris stood
straight up on the drum seat and was waving his hands to get everyone "ba ba
ba-ing"  when they played snowsuit sound, chris remarked, "hey everyone, i
want everyone to sing along, but if we suck playing it, stop singing." i
tried my darndest to get my hands up to clap, but i kept getting foiled by
some 250lb. guy.  at the end, D'Arcy Flueck got a special treat as Chris
looked up at her in the balcony and mouthed, "hi D'Arcy"  there was also
word of some New York city people watching their performance, perhaps having
something to do with the record release in the states.  well, still
recovering from dehydration and the drive home,



one half gallon equals 1.89 liters.    
"Oh My God!  Total Elimination!"