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Re: laura borealis (sp?)- sebadoh, thrush herit and T.S. Elliot

Hey hey hey,

> 	I was recently watching the wedge on much music, and found a show
> dedicated to Sebadoh (i'll get to the E.C. content).  Anyhow, Bob Fay
> and Lou B.  were interviewed, and they talked about how they loved Laura
> Borealis' work on the superfriendz 10 pounds video and the thrush herit
> french inhale video, so taken by it that they got her to direct
> sebadoh's new "ocean" video.  I remember people talking about this
> before, but the video really surprised me. It was pretty funny...
	Rock and roll.  I recently did an interview for a pretty good, 
professional sort of fanzine called FILLER! with Eric Masunaga from the 
Dambuilders.  (eric recorded much of the new sebadoh record, he's also 
worked with helium, some boston bands, and recorded the upcoming 
superfriendz record in toronto.)  Anyways, it seems that Eric tuned Lou 
onto the fact that Laura directed thrush hermit, and passed on her number 
to him.  
	The interview's not that good, but it had a few interesting 
anecdotes in there somewhere.  If anyone wants info on FILLER!, email me 
					toodle loo,