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Re: laura borealis (sp?)- sebadoh, thrush herit and T.S. Elliot

Anyhow, I remember coming across an interview with thrush hermit before
>where they mentioned how they got their name.  I think it was said that
>one of the members just loved the sound of the two unrelated words
>(thrush, and hermit) together. Then I was reading T.S. Elliot's poem THE
>WASTELAND for english, and I came upon the use of the word
>"hermit-thrush."  wow.  T.S. Elliot's a sneaky thief!!!

they once said their name was from the name of a bird....-the hermit
thrush- they learned that in summer camp.  they just kinda took it in
backwards....yup.  it really is a bird....check it out in the encyclopedia.
thats all. bye bye.