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RE: The English language

>Why do people who use SloanNet instead upon using poor grammar?
I think you mean insist...but I knew what you meant.
I think that the main idea is to just communicate ideas as best you 
can...some people can't spell (i.e. me), some people have a limited 
vocabulary (folks in FARGO), and others just don't give a honk.  Remember, 
this is SloanNet, not English Speakers Anonymous...if people could simply 
draw me some e-mail images (ASCII art), I would be just as freakin' happy 
and perhaps we could get over this language barrier. As they say, a picture 
is worth a thousand words.


p.s. the only reason I brought this up is cuz (or because, in English) I am 
reading (not Redding, as some might think) Irving Welsh's Trainspotting and 
it is written (not wrote) in Scottish slang, ya wee b\!/$t\!/rd...Thair's planet 
ay the apes fer ye.