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laura borealis (sp?)- sebadoh, thrush herit and T.S. Elliot

Hello all!
	I was recently watching the wedge on much music, and found a show
dedicated to Sebadoh (i'll get to the E.C. content).  Anyhow, Bob Fay
and Lou B.  were interviewed, and they talked about how they loved Laura
Borealis' work on the superfriendz 10 pounds video and the thrush herit
french inhale video, so taken by it that they got her to direct
sebadoh's new "ocean" video.  I remember people talking about this
before, but the video really surprised me. It was pretty funny...

	Anyhow, I remember coming across an interview with thrush hermit before
where they mentioned how they got their name.  I think it was said that
one of the members just loved the sound of the two unrelated words
(thrush, and hermit) together. Then I was reading T.S. Elliot's poem THE
WASTELAND for english, and I came upon the use of the word
"hermit-thrush."  wow.  T.S. Elliot's a sneaky thief!!!