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Re: everyone in Winnipeg, hide!!!!!

>a friend said that the conference has been billing Chris as keynote speaker. 
> But when this friend mentioned this to Chris, da murph was in shock, since, 
>um, no one told him he was the keynote speaker.....

        Hee-hee, sounds like the key-note speaker incident at the music west
conferrence last spring.  At that one, the night before he had to speak,
Chris had no idea what he was going to talk about, and he was actually
asking myself and Tara Lee Wittchen for advice on the subject.  

>parents, hide your kids, and kids, cover your ears, because it might not be 
>a pretty sight... ;)

        No, i really urge everyone in winnepeg to go...it might not be a
pretty sight, but it will give you a lot of reasons to make fun of Chris
Murphy, which always makes for a good time ;)